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You have an unforeseen and you have to cancel your stay ?

With Chapka insurances, leave quiet.

You chose your holiday rental, a chalet on the moutain. In a few minutes you're going to pay a deposit !
Don't forget to protect your holidays investment and ressources.

Thanks to Tranqui'Loc, you can book with confidence.

You are insured for the cancellation of your stay for multiple cases : death, illness, accident, hospitalisation, lay off, administrative convocation...
But also exceptional cases such as natural disaster, strikes...

You can also benefit from a civil liability, search and rescue expenses and a guarantee of interruption of stay.

Tranqui'Loc is your financial security for your holiday budget.

INSURANCE TENANT (Option 1 or 2)

Option 1 = Cancellation + Interruption of stay = > 2.50 % (of the amount of the stay)

Option 2 = Option 1 + Civil liability + Damage in the properties = > 3.50 % (of the amount of the stay)


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