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The terms of sale below establish(constitute) integral part of the offer of rent and the rental agreement. We ask you to read them attentively. The information of the web site collected several months in advance, can undergo modifications. The description joined(contacted) to the contract and the contract are the only contractual elements of the reservation.

RESERVATION: the customer who accepts the offer of rent will have to send under 7 days the amount of the specified deposit(advance). In case of reservation unless 30 days, the global regulation(payment) will be required(demanded) by bank card. The reservation will be effective, firm and definitive upon receipt of the deposit(advance) of 25 % of the total amount of the rent by check, holiday vouchers, bank card or transfer (freshly at your expense(under your responsibility)) FR76 1810 6000 5596 7427 3895 494 - AGRIFRPP881-CA OF SAVOIE
A rental agreement will be sent by return. He must have returned signed under 10 days, otherwise the termination can be pronounced without the customer cannot aspire to the refund(repayment) of his deposit(advance) nor to any compensation(allowance).
The deposit(advance) commits(hires) definitively the renter and the tenant and implies(involves) the regulation(payment) of the balance in case of cancellation.
Any on-line pre-reservation (via internet) will be effective after confirmation of the availability by e-mail.

PRICE(PRIZE): the prices(prizes) get on(hear each other) heating, water electricity and inclusive agency fees, with the exception of the rents of long lastings (electricity charged to the meter). The furnished(filled,furnished flats) rents are not subjected(submitted) to VAT.
The water is one of the most precious natural resources, help we to save him(it) for the present and the future generations.
The prices(prizes) do not include: the cleaning at first (he must be made by yourself(by your care) or settle(adjust) on the spot according to the price(prize) indicated to the rental agreement), the tourist tax, the linen (sheets, pillowcases, towels(briefcases), bath mat), the insurance(assurance) cancellation, the wood so walked, the supplement animals.

REGULATION(PAYMENT) OF the BALANCE: the balance of the stay must be paid(poured), without reminder(abseiling) from us, 30 days before the date of arrival, otherwise, the termination can be pronounced without the customer cannot claim to the refund(repayment) of his deposit(advance) nor in any compensation(allowance). See " Follow-up of file(case) " of our web site.

PLEDGE: she must be paid(poured) at the latest the day of the arrival by bank card (pre-authorization without debit(flow)) or by uncollected check in 30 days of your arrival. His(her,its) amount varies according to the importance and some value of the good(property). He(it) is specified to the rental agreement. She(it) will be cancelled if bank card, restored or destroyed if check, 15 days after the departure of the customer, the made deduction, where necessary, expenses due to damages, missing or fresh(cool) domestic objects. If the pledge turns out insufficient, the tenant makes a commitment to perfect the sum for restoration of places.

TOURIST TAX: the amount is fixed by deliberation of the City Council. She must be settled(adjusted) at the same time as the balance and the pledge or at the latest the day of your arrival and will be put back in the city hall.

INSURANCES: your insurance(assurance) "house" contains a clause "civil liability" which has to cover your responsibility in case of problem during your stay. Before leaving, verify your contract. He can be useful to take a double(copy) to have all the necessary information. Verify that you are assured(insured) well against the risks which you would be presumed person in charge in holiday resort (fire, water damage). The lessor disclaims all liability for the appeal(recourse) which his insurance company could exercise against the tenant in case of disaster. We dègageons any responsabilitè in case of flight(theft) or of burglary in the rent.

DELIVERY OF KEYS, CURRENT SITUATION(INVENTORY OF FIXTURES): the discount(delivery) of keys is made to the agency from 4 pm till 6 pm. The tenant can take up his rent except the opening hours of the agency, on the condition of having made the demand(request) and having settled(adjusted) the pledge and the tourist tax.
The agency cannot accompany the tenants until their rent (a plan of situation and GPS address and phone number(coordinates) will be put back(handed)) and to proceed to the check of places in the presence of the tenants considering very large number of arrival and departure at the same moment. A systematic control is made by an independent company between every occupant.
Any complaint concerning the inventory or the cleanliness of the apartment must be made at the latest 72 am after the arrival, in writing thanks to a current situation(inventory of fixtures) put back(handed) the day of the arrival and signed by the tenant. After this deadline, the customer will be considered as having tacitly recognized the accuracy of the inventory and the cleanliness of the accommodation(hosting). The customer can ask for a current situation(inventory of fixtures) of arrival or departure in the presence of a representative of the agency, produce must you be taken 48 am in advance, unit cost 50 HT (VAT 20 %)

ACTIVITY(OCCUPATION): the tenant has to behave "as a father" and answer damages which arise during the stay, except those resulting from a normal wear and tear or from a vice(defect) of the equipment. The furnished flat will can ON NO ACCOUNT, to be occupied by a number of people upper to that specified on the description, the adults, the children and the understood babies. Failing that, the contract can be immediately cancelled. The agency reserves the right to ask for a person additional 50-€ increase and a day. The upper bed of bunk beds is forbidden the children of less than 6 years. The tenant makes a commitment to respect the internal rules or of co-ownership. He(it) will occupy places personally. The tenants of chalets have to assure(insure) the snow clearing.

ANIMALS: animals are tolerated (according to the description and the supplement planned to the contract), to make no noise and to be perfectly clean(appropriate). Their owner will be responsible for damages or accidents caused by them. Besides they must, in common areas(parts), be kept on a lead.

RESPONSIBILITY: the agency disclaims all liability for the hardships and the decreases of enjoyment not resulting(coming) from its fact (co-ownership or public service), concerning in particular any electric device (hot water tank, television set, washing machines, power failures miscellaneous), heating, internet, snow clearing, etc. .Elle will make every effort to restore any disfonctionnement for the best deadline(extension). Any interruption of any service(department) does not justify a rent rebate, nor of damages.
The agency will be entitled to demand to the taker in its departure a COMPENSATION(ALLOWANCE) FOR THE REPAIRS MADE NECESSARY THERE CARELESSNESS(NEGLIGENCE) OF the TENANT. In the course of stay, any unjustified complaints or because of the tenant and requiring an intervention will give rise to invoicing.

CANCELLATION OF the CONTRACT: an insurance(assurance) civil cancellation / responsibility is proposed. See the conditions
The cancellation must be indicated to the agency in writing.
What happens if you cancel your reservation?
- You signed an insurance(assurance) Cancellation: if your file(case) is accepted by the insurance company, she(it) will pay off to you the paid(poured) sums
- You did not sign insurance(assurance) Cancellation, you lose the deposit(advance) and will have to settle(adjust) the balance of the rent.
If unpredictable circumstances or major cases of strength return the impossible provision of places, the agency will make for you a proposal of replacement of similar value. In the case or no solution of replacement can be found, the agency will be kept in the immediate refund(repayment) of the paid(poured) sums and the compensation(allowance) equivalent to 5 % of the amount of the contract.
If the customer does not take up the accommodation(hosting) planned in the date of the beginning of the contract, this accommodation(hosting) can be immediately relet. The customer would remain held(liked) the payment of the balance of the accommodation(hosting). If the apartment is partially relet, only the difference would stay chargeable to the failing customer. It's the same for any shortened stay.

DEPARTURE: the tenant has to bring back(to report) keys to the agency at the latest at 10 am. He will have to leave clean(appropriate) places. In case of cleaning considered insufficient, a fixed price(package) arranges(treats carefully) (amount stipulated to the contract) will be held(retained) on the pledge. In case of departure except our opening hours, keys must be put down(deposited) in the box in letters in front of the agency, as well as the sheets of rent.

MISCELLANEOUS: in case of sale of the good(property), the agency reserves the right to show places during the period of rent (with preliminary appointment setting).

INFORMATION OF THE TENANTS ABOUT THE MAJOR NATURAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL RISKS The information of the citizens about the major natural and technological risks is a right(law) codified by the code of the environment. She has to allow in particular the citizen to know the dangers to which he(it) is displayed(exposed). So the decree n°2005-134 had in fixed February 15th, 2005 the conditions of information of the tenants of real property about the municipality of Clusaz, about the major natural and technological risks to which these properties(goods) can be exposed(explained). The prefect of the Haute-Savoie stopped(arrested) on February 9th, 2006, the list of the municipalities entering within the framework of this device(plan). The List of the files(cases) of natural disasters is joined(contacted) to this order. The prefect also stopped(arrested), for every concerned municipality, elements allowing to develop the state of the risks: these elements are recorded(deposited) in the municipal file(case) of information. These documents are freely available for consultation in prefecture or in city hall of the concerned and accessible(approachable) municipalities on the Internet from the site www.haute-savoie.pref.gouv.fr or www.prim.net.

In case of contesting the Court of Annecy is recognized as only competent.