The conditions of sale below form an integral part of the rental offer and the rental agreement. We ask you to read them carefully. Payment of the deposit implies acceptance of these conditions. Website information collected several months in advance may be subject to change.

COVID 19 INFO - Measures as of September 30, 2020

We are committed to doing everything in our power to ensure the safety of our customers. Clean and disinfected housing. For greater peace of mind, we have implemented an exhaustive cleaning and disinfection protocol in our accommodation.

According to government directives, if you are unable to travel (proof of confinement by minimum prefectural order the day before the arrival of the traveler), your stay will be postponed free of charge over a period of 18 months. If postponement is not possible at the end of this period, the stay will be refunded, a processing fee of € 50 will be applied.

BOOKING: The customer who accepts the rental offer will have to pay the amount of the deposit specified. In case of reservation less than 30 days, the global payment will be required by credit card. The reservation will be effective, firm and final upon receipt of the deposit.

THE PRICE INCLUDES: Heating, water, electricity (except for long term rentals, winter season or summer season (billed meter reading), agency fees.Furnished rentals are not subject to VAT.

THE PRICE DO NOT INCLUDE: the cleaning at departure (it will have to be done by your care or settled on the spot according to the price indicated in the contract (50 € to 150 € TTC according to the housing), the tourist tax (amount fixed by deliberation of the municipal council: 0,80 € to 2,30 € / night / adult according to the classification "Meublés de Tourisme"), linen (sheets, pillow cases, towels, bath mats), cancellation insurance (refer to tariff of the provider Chapka insurance), the wood if fireplace, the supplement animals (25 € / animal / week) in the limit of 1 animal per apartment.

PAYMENT: The balance of the stay must be paid 30 days before the date of arrival. In case of non-payment within these delays, the agency reserves the right to dispose of housing while retaining the full deposit paid.

DEPOSIT OF GUARANTEE: It must be paid at the latest on the day of arrival by credit card (pre-authorization without debit). Its amount varies according to the importance and value of the property. It is specified in the lease. It will be canceled 15 days after departure, minus any costs due to damage, missing items or cleaning fees. If the deposit is insufficient, the tenant agrees to complete the sum for restoration of the premises.

INSURANCE: Your insurance "house" contains a clause "liability" which must cover your responsibility in case of problem during your stay. Before leaving, check your contract. It may be requested upon arrival. Check that you are well insured against the risks that you would be presumed responsible in resort (fire, water damage ...). The lessor declines any responsibility for the recourse that his insurance company could exert against the tenant in case of disaster. We disclaim any liability for theft or burglary in the rental.

DELIVERY OF KEYS, STATE OF THE PLACE: Key collection is done at the agency from 4 pm to 6 pm. The tenant will be able to take possession of his hiring outside the opening hours of the agency, on the condition of having made the request in advance and to have paid, the balance, the deposit and the tourist tax. The agency can not accompany the tenants until their rental (a map of situation and coordinates GPS is delivered) and proceed to the verification of the places in the presence of the tenants taking into account the very large number of arrival and departure at the same moment . A systematic check is made by an independent company between each occupant. However, the customer can request a report of places of arrival and / or departure in the presence of a representative of the agency, make an appointment 48 hours in advance, unit cost 50 € HT (VAT 20%). An inventory is established and signed by the tenant 48 hours after arrival.Any complaint regarding the inventory or cleanliness of the apartment must be made within this period, in writing. After this period, the customer will be considered to have tacitly acknowledged the accuracy of the inventory and the cleanliness of the accommodation. This inventory is the only reference in case of dispute.

DEPARTURE: The tenant is required to return the keys to the agency no later than 10 hours. He will have to close the apartment, leave the place clean. In case of cleaning deemed insufficient, a cleaning fee (amount stipulated in the contract) will be retained on the deposit. In case of departure outside our opening hours, the keys must be deposited in the mailbox in front of the agency, as well as the sheets and box wifi. Any breach will be charged to the deposit.

OCCUPANCY: The tenant must behave "as a good father" and respond to degradations that occur during the stay, except those resulting from normal wear or equipment defect. The Furnished will IN NO CASE, be occupied by a number of people greater than the one specified on the description, adults, children and babies included. Otherwise, the contract may be terminated immediately. The agency reserves the right to request a surcharge of 50 € / additional person per day. The upper bunk bed is not allowed for children under 6 years old. The tenant undertakes to respect the rules of procedure or the co-ownership, he will occupy the premises personally. The snow removal of the chalets is not ensured. Water is one of the most precious natural resources, help us save it for the present and future generations.

ANIMALS: The animals (at a rate of only one per dwelling) are tolerated according to the apartments (see the description) with supplement provided for in the contract, on the condition of making no noise and being perfectly clean. Their owner will be responsible for the damage or accidents caused by them. In addition, they must be kept on a leash in common areas.

RESPONSIBILITY: The agency declines any responsibility for the privations and decreases of enjoyment not coming from its fact (joint ownership or public service), concerning in particular any electrical apparatus (hot water tank, television, washing machine, miscellaneous electric faults, heating, internet, snow removal, etc ..). It will make every effort to restore any malfunction in the best time. Any interruption of any service whatsoever does not justify a reduction of rent or damages. The agency will be entitled to claim from the payee upon departure an INDEMNITY FOR REPAIRS REQUIRED BY ITS NEGLIGENCE. During the stay, any unjustified claims or by the tenant and requiring an intervention will result in invoicing.

TERMS OF CANCELLATION OF THE CONTRACT: The cancellation must be reported to the agency in writing. In case of cancellation, the following conditions will apply:

- If the cancellation occurs after 5 weeks prior to the arrival date, the penalty will be 100% of the rental amount.

- If the cancellation occurs more than 5 weeks before the arrival date, the penalty will be 25% of the rental amount.

In case of no show, the customer will lose 100% of the rental amount.

If unforeseeable circumstances or cases of force majeure make the provision of the places impossible, the agency will make you a proposal of replacement of similar value. In the case where no alternative solution can be found, the agency will be required to immediately refund the sums paid and an indemnity equivalent to 5% of the contract amount. In all cases, a processing fee of 50 euros will be applied.

MISCELLANEOUS: In case of sale of the property, the agency reserves the right to visit the premises during the rental period (with prior appointment).

MEDIATION: In case of dispute, relating to the good execution of the contract, an amicable solution will be sought priority to any legal action. Also, for the treatment of a complaint, the customer can contact the person in charge of the treatment of the complaints in house: MME Véronique HUDRY THEVENET. In the event of an unsatisfactory response or no response within 15 days, the client may contact the mediation service whose address as of the date hereof is as follows: MEDIATION-VIVONS BETTER TOGETHER 465 avenue de the release 54000 NANCY,

TENANT INFORMATION ON MAJOR NATURAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL RISKS: The information of citizens on major natural and technological risks is a right codified by the environmental code. In particular, it must enable the citizen to know the dangers to which he is exposed. Decree no. 2005-134 of 15 February 2005 sets out the conditions for informing tenants of real estate in the municipality of La Clusaz on the major natural and technological risks to which these properties may be exposed. The prefect of Haute Savoie arrested on February 9, 2006, the list of municipalities coming within the framework of this device. The List of Natural Disaster Records is attached to this Order. The prefect also decided, for each concerned commune, the elements allowing to elaborate the state of the risks: these elements are recorded in the communal file of information. These documents are freely available in the prefecture or town hall of the communes concerned and accessible on the Internet from the website or In case of dispute the Annecy Court is recognized as the only competent.