General conditions


Alpes Immobilier reserves the right to modify all or part of these T&Cs, without notice.

By definition, the conditions entering into force during the customer's stay will be those accepted at the time of the contractual reservation.

The present conditions are in force from March 10, 2023 for an unlimited period.

In case of sale of the property, the agency reserves the right to visit the premises during the rental period (with prior appointment).

1-Prior information:
The purpose of these General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter the “GTC”) is to set out the respective obligations of the service provider and the customer in their contractual relations relating to the sale of individual stays. Any reservation implies the unreserved application by the client and his full and complete adherence to the GCS which prevail over any other document, except with the prior written and derogatory agreement of Alpes Immobilier. These terms and conditions apply to all customers.

The conditions of sale below constitute an integral part of the rental offer and the rental contract.

Please read carefully before booking.

Prior to the conclusion of the rental contract, you will find on our website, all the information on prices, dates and the elements of the stay such as: the location of the accommodation, the level of comfort, the main characteristics, classification according to “Meublés de Tourisme” standards, the amount and schedule of payments, cancellation conditions, etc. The contract and the invoice are the only contractual elements of your reservation. The information of the website requires several months in advance, may undergo changes. The photos of the residences presented are views of the contractual site. The photos are the property of Alpes Immobilier, they cannot be used without its written agreement under penalty of legal proceedings. By ticking the box at the time of booking "I acknowledge having read and I accept the general conditions of sale", you acknowledge having read the T&Cs exempting you from signing this document.

2-Reservation, conclusion of the contract and terms of payment:
Reservations can be made with our services, in writing, by telephone, or online or through a platform having an agreement with Alpes Immobilier. The customer who accepts the rental offer must pay the amount of the specified deposit within 5 days of the reservation. Payment of the deposit implies acceptance of these conditions. The contract will be considered concluded upon receipt of the deposit. In the absence of payment within the time limit, Alpes Immobilier will resume free disposal of the reserved rental. The balance is due no later than 30 days before the start date of the stay (excluding extras). In the event of a reservation within 30 days, the entire invoice is due on the day of the reservation. The conclusion of the contract is therefore subject to receipt of full payment.
The customer who has not paid the balance on the agreed date will be considered as having canceled his stay. Alpes Immobilier will consider itself relieved of any commitment. The accommodation will be offered for rent again and no refund will be made.

3-Services, prices, occupancy:
The prices appearing on the website and on the contracts are prices including tax in euros. They vary according to the type of accommodation and the period of the year. The agreed price will, where applicable, be increased if a variation in the price is made necessary following a change in tax regulations, and in particular the increase in the VAT rate. The number of people allowed per accommodation is understood as the maximum capacity: adults, children and babies included. Otherwise, the contract may be terminated immediately. The agency reserves the right to request an increase of €50/additional person per day. Regarding accommodation with swimming pool (private or collective), access to the swimming pool is strictly prohibited for children under 6 years old who are not accompanied by an adult. The internet is not included in all accommodations (refer to the description). Some accommodations are equipped with individual boxes and others with common boxes at the residence, which may affect the connection speed depending on the number of people. The upper bed of the bunk beds is prohibited for children under 6 years old. The client undertakes to respect the internal regulations of the co-ownership, he will occupy the premises personally, subletting and the exercise of any trade being strictly prohibited without the written agreement of Alpes Immobilier. It is forbidden to change the layout of the furniture in the accommodation and the equipment from one accommodation to another, to fix objects to the walls: the costs of putting them back in place or missing are invoiced to the occupant. Energy costs are generally included in the prices, unless otherwise stated in the description. The charging of electric vehicles is prohibited in the accommodation or common areas. A supplement may apply. Firewood and/or ethanol are not provided.
Water is one of the most precious natural resources, help us save it for now and future generations. When the stay straddles two different price periods, the day of arrival is considered as the first day of vacation and the count is made in proportion to the nights.
Linen is not included in the offer (except Chalet Pâturage and Chalet Sable). The price of bed linen and towels is also indicated at the time of booking. For each reservation, Alpes Immobilier will charge a 5% administration fee on the amount of the reservation (minimum €30/maximum €80).
To be paid when booking or on site:
The tourist tax (amount fixed by deliberation of the Municipal Council, variable according to the place and the classification of furnished accommodation),
The deposit by credit card, on site
Any particular service which you have requested, specifying that any service ordered is due,
Certain supplements (standard or multi-risk cancellation insurance, cleaning (price mentioned in the booking process), linen, baby equipment, energy costs for stays longer than 28 nights, wifi box, pets if allowed, arrival out of hours openings...)
Animals (only one per accommodation) are tolerated depending on the accommodation (refer to the description) with a supplement on the condition that they make no noise and are perfectly clean. It is forbidden to use blankets and duvets or sofas for the comfort of your animal. Their owner will be financially responsible for any damage, extra cleaning costs or accidents caused by them. In the common areas, they must be kept on a leash.
Changes may occur in the prices of additional services between the time of booking and the start of the stay. The updated data will be mentioned on your file. Your payment implies acceptance of the contract and modifications to the site.
The means of payment accepted are: bank cards, French checks, bank transfers in euros, holiday vouchers, cash in euros on arrival for services or options.

4-Arrival, departures, shortened or extended stay, modification:
Keys are handed over at the agency generally between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., departures before 10 a.m., only to the person who made the reservation upon presentation of their identity document. The deposit must be paid with the same bank card as that used for the reservation. Any person presenting with other conditions will be refused the delivery of keys as well as access to the accommodation. Depending on the number of people, accommodation can be ready from 2 p.m. In order not to overload the switchboard, please go directly to the agency. If you cannot respect these times or the scheduled date of arrival, you must make an arrangement with Alpes Immobilier. The full price of the stay and the additional services requested is then due. The same applies to any shortened stay. Arrivals outside opening hours or on Sundays will be invoiced (according to scale) and the retention of the deposit on your credit card. If you wish to extend your stay, you must make the request to our office in sufficient time for this possibility to be verified and validated. Apart from the cases of termination provided for in Article 5, all amounts invoiced remain due if you do not take possession of the rental, for any reason whatsoever. The accommodations are checked on each departure. A location plan is given to the customer upon arrival. The customer can request an arrival and/or departure inventory in the presence of a representative of the agency by making an appointment 48 hours earlier, cost €70 excluding VAT (20% VAT). An inventory sheet is given to the client upon arrival. All complaints concerning the inventory or the cleanliness of the apartment must be made in writing by email with photos, immediately without exceeding 48 hours of arrival. After this period, the customer acknowledges the accuracy of the inventory and the cleanliness of the accommodation. This inventory is the only reference in the event of a dispute.
The rental is delivered clean. Final cleaning is mandatory. The customer staying as a good tenant must return the accommodation in a state of cleanliness identical to the initial one or pay the “cleaning” service 72 hours before departure. Cleaning products are not provided. If the rental is not returned clean and tidy, Alpes Immobilier will charge the cost of cleaning and repairs to the deposit on the basis of €45 excl. VAT/hour. The client is required to return the keys to the agency no later than 10 am, he must close the windows and the door of the apartment. In case of departure outside our opening hours, deposit the keys in the wooden mailbox in front of the agency. Rental linen in front of the agency or Pressing des Aravis door, and the wifi box returned to the agency during our opening hours. Any breach will be charged to the deposit. Unauthorized departures after 10 a.m. or failure to return all the keys will be subject to additional invoicing ranging from the cleaning rate to the daily rate. Any loss of key will involve invoicing for the replacement of all the barrels and the reproduction of the necessary keys (see article 7). Any modification of the dates of stay of the tenant is considered as a cancellation if satisfaction cannot be given.

5- Termination of the contract by the customer:
Cancellation fees will be retained according to the time between the dates of cancellation and the start of the stay according to the scale below:
- more than 5 weeks before the arrival date: 25% of the amount of the rent,
- less than 5 weeks before the arrival date, 100% of the rental amount,
- no show, 100% of the amount of the rent.
The service fees or administration fees will remain due, the insurance taken out and all other extras will be retained. In all cases, the cancellation must be confirmed to the agency in writing (mail or email). Only the date of this writing will be taken into account. If the cancellation occurs on a public holiday or Sunday, the period will begin the next day.
The closure of the ski lifts or any other summer or winter activity is not a reason for postponement or reimbursement and is not a reason for coverage by the cancellation insurance that we offer at the time of your reservation (except for default, excessive snow cover or violent wind leading to the closure of at least 2/3 of the ski area, for at least 3 consecutive days, and this in the 5 days preceding departure). Consequently, no discount or refund will be applied in the event of partial or total non-opening or closure of the ski lifts or other activity.

6- Termination of the contract by Alpes Immobilier - Replacement proposal:
If unforeseeable circumstances or cases of force majeure make it impossible to make the premises available, Alpes Immobilier reserves the right to cancel the contract before the stay and will make you a proposal for replacement of similar value. A new contract would then be drawn up in writing. In the event that no alternative solution can be found, Alpes Immobilier will be required to immediately reimburse the sums paid and an indemnity equivalent to 5% of the amount of the contract, excluding additional services.

7- Obligation of the tenant:

When the keys are handed over, the tenant is required to pay the security deposit provided for in the contract. The amount varies according to the importance, the value of the property, and the duration of the contract (doubling for stay longer than 21 nights), it is specified in the contract. It is retained on the bank card (pre-authorization or collection if stay longer than 21 nights or bank transfer prior to entry). Cheques are not accepted. Excluding damage, missing items or cleaning deemed insufficient, the security deposit is returned within 15 days after departure. In case of refusal of payment, the entry of the rental will be refused. Alpes Immobilier is authorized to refuse any handing over of keys for any excess person, adult or child regardless of their age, as well as any animal not provided for in the reservation. The tenant undertakes to occupy the premises by taking care of it and respecting the rules of good neighbourliness. Loud parties, excessive use of music after 10 p.m. are not permitted. The tenant must ensure, before his departure, the removal of garbage cans, glass bottles, the storage of the kitchen and the cleaning of the dishes: services which are not included in the end-of-stay cleaning which may be requested by the tenant. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in a minimum additional billing of €70.
Tenants will be required to take out civil liability insurance covering their resort. A certificate may be requested upon arrival. Alpes Immobilier declines all responsibility for the recourse that its insurance company or that of the owner could exercise against the client in the event of a claim. Alpes Immobilier is not insured for the personal belongings of its tenants in the event of theft or destruction during their stay.
The tenant will in all cases be solely responsible for the damage and damage observed, even in the event of substitution of a third person in the rental by the tenant. The tenant is required to refrain from throwing objects likely to obstruct the pipes of the sanitary appliances and others. The tenant will be informed in the event of individual sanitation by septic tank requiring additional precautions for use. Failing this, he will be liable for the costs incurred for bringing this equipment back into service and will bear the repair work and the costs of relocating any future customers, if they cannot fully enjoy the rented property. The amount of damage and damage observed may be deducted from the security deposit, without prejudice to any recourse if the security deposit is less than the amount of the repairs. The tenant who will move the agency without a valid reason (unnecessary repairs, fictitious breakdown, misuse) will be subject to an intervention fee of €70.Any movement of the police due to the tenant's inappropriate behavior (noise, excessive music, anarchic parking, etc.) causing the direct or indirect intervention of Alpes Immobilier will systematically be subject to additional invoicing. of 500€.
For security reasons, please use the mobile barbecue (depending on the accommodation) only on the terrace, without moving it, and ensure that the fire is extinguished after use. Cleaning grease from the barbecue is mandatory after each use. Failing this, you will be charged extra, depending on the time spent, from €70. Smoking is prohibited inside the accommodation. Any smell of tobacco detected in the accommodation will be subject to a deduction from the deposit of €200.
The tenant is required to return the two complete sets of keys given to him on his arrival. Failing this, Alpes Immobilier will have all the locks replaced at the expense of the tenant, who assumes the replacement costs and the possible consequences of this loss (rehousing of the next tenant, etc.). 

8-Optional insurance:

Our partner CHAPKA offers you a solution adapted to your needs. Taking out this insurance is a precautionary measure in the event of the occurrence of an event likely to lead to the cancellation or interruption of your stay, and reimbursement of damage to movable property (depending on the formula chosen). As part of the health crisis, this insurance covers you and your loved ones in the event of inability to go to the scene due to illness including COVID. All payments made will be refunded to you (excluding services and options). You have the possibility to subscribe to this optional insurance in the process of your reservation. It is mandatory to subscribe to this insurance at the same time as this contract (3.5 to 4.5% of the amount of the rent depending on the option), within 48 hours maximum after the reservation. You can also subscribe by clicking on this link It is the tenant's responsibility not to take out this type of insurance.

9- Complaints and requests for compensation:
If on arrival, the tenant notices that the rental does not comply with what was provided for on the booking confirmation, or if he notices any defects, he must inform Alpes Immobilier in writing immediately. This same rule is applicable for defects noted during the stay. Alpes Immobilier can receive your complaints, note them and try to remedy them but is never able to judge the merits of the complaints and any compensation.
No complaint after the departure of the customer will be taken into account by Alpes Immobilier, if it has not been presented by the customer during his stay. Complaints and requests for compensation are only admissible if they are made in writing, with supporting evidence, within a maximum of 48 hours after the end of stay date and directly with Alpes Immobilier. If these rules are not respected, the tenant loses all right to compensation. 

10-Responsibility of Alpes Immobilier:
The data relating to the local infrastructures mentioned on the site and included in the booking confirmation may undergo changes without our being informed. The responsibility of Alpes Immobilier cannot be questioned. The same applies to all services that are subject to external constraints (water supply, electricity, for example), and to regulations that may be modified at any time by decision of the administrations concerned.
In the event of a device malfunction (hot water tank, television, TV channel, household appliances, various electrical failures, heating, internet failure following bad weather or network failure, snow removal, etc.), Alpes Immobilier will make every effort to restore the malfunction as soon as possible. Any interruption of any service does not justify a reduction in rent or damages.
If an unforeseen event prevents the reserved rental, Alpes Immobilier will endeavor to provide you with an equivalent replacement rental. If this proves impossible due to a lack of immediate availability or if you refuse the proposed replacement solution for valid and legitimate reasons, Alpes Immobilier will reimburse you for all or part of the stay, as the case may be, and only if it can be considered responsible.
Alpes Immobilier is not responsible for the imperfect non-performance of the contract when:
- it is attributable to an international event or a particular and unforeseeable national situation,
- when Alpes Immobilier is not responsible for the management of the client on site, this mission being assumed by the owner himself.
Alpes Immobilier cannot be held liable in the following cases:
• Wrongdoing or serious breaches on the part of the tenant.
• Wrongdoing or serious breaches on the part of the owner in charge of managing the stay.
• Unforeseeable or insurmountable situations attributable to a third party unrelated to the provision of contract services.
• In the event of force majeure or due to an event that neither Alpes Immobilier, nor its intermediaries or representatives could foresee despite all their diligence and against which they cannot act.
• Damages and losses suffered by the tenant in the event of break-in or theft.
• Interruption of services (water, electricity, gas, television/satellite, Internet, etc.)


In the event of a dispute relating to the proper performance of the contract, an amicable solution will be sought before any legal action. Also, for the processing of a complaint, the customer can contact the person responsible for handling internal complaints: Mrs. Véronique HUDRY THEVENET. In the event of a response deemed unsatisfactory or no response within 15 days, the customer may contact the mediation service whose address on the date hereof is as follows: MEDIATION-VIVONS MEUX ENSEMBLE 465 avenue de liberation 54000 NANCY,

12-Information sheet: 

All tourist accommodation operators must have their customers complete an individual information sheet. The tenant will receive by email an online check-in link a few days before his arrival, inviting him to fill in the requested information: surname, first name, address, identity document number, date of issue and expiry, and picture of the room. Only one piece of identification is required. The refusal by the foreign customer to fill in the information form is considered as a legitimate reason for refusal of sale for the operator.

13-Information for tenants on major natural and technological risks:
Informing citizens about major natural and technological risks is a right codified by the environment code. In particular, it must allow the citizen to know the dangers to which he is exposed. Thus Decree No. 2005-134 of February 15, 2005 sets the conditions for informing tenants of real estate in the municipality of La Clusaz, on the major natural and technological risks to which these properties may be exposed. On February 9, 2006, the prefect of Haute Savoie decided on the list of municipalities falling within the scope of this system. The list of natural disaster files is attached to this order. The prefect has also decided, for each municipality concerned, the elements allowing the risk assessment to be drawn up: these elements are recorded in the municipal information file. These documents are freely available for consultation at the prefecture or town hall of the municipalities concerned and accessible on the Internet from the site In the event of a dispute, the Court of Annecy is recognized as having sole jurisdiction.